Tuesday Night League 
Summer Trimester

Sauc In 5-0-3------18
Patricians 5-1-2------17
Flower Power 5-1-1------16
Bird in Hand 5-3---------15
Trumbles 4-1-3------15
Dirty Ones 4-2-2------14
Blarney Men 4-2-2------14
Snakes in Grass 3-1-4------13
Brian's Song 3-1-3------12
Bone N Soup 3-2-3------12
Maui Girls 3-2-3------12
Mellow Yellow 3-2-3------12
top ten get in horserace
ties broken by most matches played
Ball Washers 3-1-2------11
Barefoot Bandits 3-2-2------11
Wardogs 3-3-2------11
Different Strokes 3-3-2------11
M & M's 3-3-1------10
Baby Baby 3-4-1------10
Kerr Plunk 3-4---------9
Double O's 2-2-3-------9
In the Thirties 2-3-2-------8
Double Trouble 2-4-1-------7
Brasilian Blurs 1-1-2-------5
Team Aspen 1-3-2-------5
Wine Ohs 1-4-2-------5
Yes Dear 0-2-5-------5
At the Bar 1-1----------3
On the Bar 1-2----------3
Le Mechine 1-3----------3
Take a Hit 1-5----------3
My Buddy 1-5----------3
Chip n Putz 0-5-3-------3
Housing 0-1----------0
Duffers 0-3----------0

Eighth week results
Flower Power beat Bird in Hand
Blarney Men beat Trumbles
Patricians beat Barefoot Bandits
Sauc In beat Different Strokes
Maui Girls beat Double O's
Snakes in Grass halved M & M's
Baby Baby halved Mellow Yellow
My Buddy beat Take a Hit
Bone N Soup beat Yes Dear
Wardogs beat Wine Ohs
Dirty Ones beat Le Mechine
In the Thirties beat Chip n Putz
Ball Washers beat Brian's Song

Wednesday Night League
Summer League

Get Some 6-1--------18
Dos Bendejos 5-2--------15
Twigs & Berries 4-1-2------14
So What 4-2-2------14
Engaged 4-0-1------13
Borrego Y Loco 4-0-1------13
Cantina Boys 4-2-1------13
MV'S 4-1---------12
Wildcats 4-2---------12
Graduates 4-3---------12
top ten make horserace ties broken by most matches played
Sugar Muffins 3-1-2-------11
TKO 3-1-1-------10
Biker Guys 3-0----------9
Jonesing 2-1-2--------8
TNT 2-3-1--------7
DNA 2-5-1--------7
Priceless 2-3----------6
Salt & Pepper 2-3----------6
Slippery Rock 2-3----------6
Grand Cajones 2-5----------6
Utter Fun 1-3-2--------5
Mean Green 1-5-1--------4
First Ladies 1-0-----------3
Charles in Charge 1-2-----------3
Ask Him 1-3-----------3
Yo Yo's 1-4-----------3
Gene Machine 1-4-----------3
First In 0-1-----------0
Lotsadotz 0-3-----------0

Eighth week results
Sugar Muffins beat Graduates
Biker Guys beat Lotsadotz
Borrego y Loco beat Yo Yo's
So What beat Get Some
TKO beat Priceless
Engaged beat TNT
Cantina Boys beat Wildcats
Utter Fun beat DNA
Gene Machine beat Mean Green
TNT beat Dos Bendejos
Grand Cajones beat Priceless
Salt & Pepper beat Slippery Rock

Thursday Night League Summer Trimester

Koens 7-1------21
City of Troy 7-1------21
Big Wood 6-2------18
Napa Smith 5-1-1----16
Valley Girls 4-1-1----13
Grand Cajones 4-2-1----13
Telle Brothers 4-3-1----13
Sweethearts 4-3------12
Strong Armed 4-3------12
Great Scott 4-3------12
Morris Sharks 4-4------12

Top ten make horserace ties broken by most matches played 

Two Putz 3-4-1----10
Knego Knuggets 3-2-------9
Single Malt 3-3-------9
Greyhounds 3-3-------9
Back n Black 2-3-3-----9
Chip it In 2-3-3-----9
JB'S 2-2-1-----7
Birdsinkers 2-5-1-----7
Juiced In 2-3-1-----7
Tee it Up 2-1-------6
Why Nots 2-2-------6
Kathy's Porsche 1-3-2-----5
Whak Pak 1-1-2-----5
Sam I Am 1-4-1-----5
G & G 1-4-------3
Wing & Prayer 0-2-2-----3
Blue Eyes 0-2-1-----1
Lesa/Anne 0-7--------0

Eighth Week Results

Koen's beat Valley Girls
City of Troy beat Birdsinkers
Telle Brothers beat Birdsinkers
Napa Smith beat Great Scott
Big Wood beat Knego Knuggets
Greyhounds beat Chip it In
Back n Black beat Sweethearts
Why Nots beat Lesa/Anne
Grand Cajones beat Strongarmed
Tee it Up beat Two Putz
Morris Sharks beat Kathy's Porsche
Whak Pak halved Juiced In