Tuesday Night League 
Fall Trimester

Bird In Hand 1-0
Sauc In 1-0
Yes Dear 1-0
Snakes in Grass 1-0
Trumbles 1-0
Double Trouble 1-0
Different Strokes 1-0
My Buddy 1-0
M & M ' S 1-0
Duffers 1-0
Barefoot Bandits 0-0-1
Patricians 0-0-1
Dirty Ones 0-0-1
Targets 0-0-1
Housing 0-0-1
Wine Ohs 0-0-1
Mellow Yellow 0-1
Maui Girls 0-1
Blarney Men 0-1
Bone N Soup 0-1
Baby Baby 0-1
Chip N Putz 0-1
In the Thirties 0-1
Ball Washers` 0-1
Bone n Soup 0-1
So Fine 0-0
Double O's 0-0


First week results
Yes Dear beat Maui Girls
Patricans halved Barefoot Bandits
Snakes in Grass beat Mellow Yellow
Double Trouble beat Mellow Yellow
Trumbles beat Chip n Putz
Sauc In beat Blarney Men
Different Strokes beat Baby Baby
Dirty Ones halved Targets
My Buddy beat In the Thirties
M & M ' S beat Ball Washers
Duffers beat Bone N Soup
Bird in Hand beat Sauc In
Wine Ohs halved Housing
So Fine no card Double O's

Wednesday Night League
Summer League

TKO 1-0
Grand Cajones 1-0
Fish Sticks 1-0
Salt and Pepper 1-0
Twigs & Berries 0-0-1
Graduates 0-0-1
Mean Green 0-0-1
Dos Bendejos 0-0-1
Raiders 0-0-1
Lotsadotz 0-0-1
Mean Green 0-0-1
Borrego Y Loco 0-0-1
Ask Him 0-1
Sugar Muffins 0-1
Big B'S 0-1
Get Some 0-1
Double D 0-1

First week results
Raiders halved Joe Cool
Salt & Pepper beat Sugar Muffins
Grand Cajones beat Get Some
Grand Cajones beat Big B's
Graduates beat Lotsadotz
Mean Green halved Borrego y Loco
Fish Sticks beat Ask Him
TKO beat Double D's
Twigs & Berries halved Dos Bendejos

Thursday Night League Summer Trimester

Koens 1-0
Back n Black 1-0
Wing & Prayer 1-0
Telle Brothers 1-0
Morris Sharks 1-0
Valley Girls 1-0
Fishman 1-0
Tee it Up 1-0
Single Malt 1-0
Tamara/Pam 1-0
Knego Knuggets 1-0
S & S 0-0-1
G & G 0-0-1
Chip it In 0-1
City of Toy 0-1
Sultans of Swing 0-1
Sweethearts 0-1
Bigwood 0-1
Juiced In 0-1
Hot August Nights 0-1
Two Putz 0-1
Kathy's Porsche 0-1
Grand Cajones 0-1
Whak Pak 0-1
Blue Eyes 0-1
Lesa/Anne 0-1

First Week Results

Telle Brothers beat City of Troy
Back n Black beat Lesa/Anne
Valley Girls beat Sweethearts
Koen's beat Blue Eyes
Knego Knuggets beat Whak Pak
Morris Sharks beat Juiced In
Morris Sharks beat Kathy's Porsche
G & G halved S & S
Tee it Up beat Sultans of Swing
Fishman beat Bigwood
Single Malt beat Hot August Nights
Tamara/Pam beat Chip It In
Wing & Prayer beat Two Putz
Wing & Prayer beat Grand Cajones