Tuesday Night League 
Fall Trimester

Troy's Titans 1-0
Wine Ohs 1-0
Chip N Fail 1-0
Flipping Nickels 1-0
Wardogs 1-0
Baby Baby 1-0
Bone N Soup 1-0
To the Air 1-0
Maui Girls 1-0
Dirty Dozen 1-0
M & M's 1-0
Team Aspen 1-0
My Buddy 0-0-1
TNT 0-0-1
Long Ball  
Fair Guys  
Rotten Robbie  
Snakes in Grass  
Blarney Men 0-1
Geostorm 0-1
George & Walts 0-1
Insurance Pros 0-1
Zack Attack 0-1
Chix with Stix 0-1
Ambassadors 0-1
Already Cheating 0-1
Bird in Hand 0-1
Trumbles 0-1
Amazing Ladies 0-1
The Surge 0-1



Chip n Fail beat Already Cheating
M & M ' S beat Geostorm
Troy's Titans beat Geostorm
Flipping Nickels beat George & Walts
TNT halved My Buddy
Dirty Dozen beat Trumbles
Baby Baby beat Bird In Hand
Natalies beat Zack Attack
Bone n Soup beat Chix with Stix
War Dogs beat Insurance Pros
Team Aspen beat Ambassadors
Wine Ohs beat Blarney Men
Maui Girls beat Amazing Ladies


Thursday Night League
Fall Trimester Results

Single Malt 1-0
Motley Crew 1-0
Chip it In 1-0
Game of Jonas 1-0
Morris Sharks 1-0
Light it Up 1-0
Frick & Frack 1-0
Balls Out 1-0
Juiced In 0-0-1
Koens 0-0-1
To the Whip 0-1
Sandy Pockets 0-1
Tap it In 0-1
Tee it High 0-1
Wing & Prayer 0-1
S & S 0-1
Why Nots 0-1
Sweethearts 0-1

Tuesday Night League
Fall Trimester Results


Single Malt beat Why Nots
Motley Crew beat S & S
Chip it in beat  Wing & Prayer
Game of Jonas beat Tee it High
Morris Sharks beat Kathys Porsche
Light it Up beat Morris Sharks
Balls Out beat To the Whip
Koens halved Juiced In
Frick & Frack  beat Sweethearts