1.     5:00 pm group and hole announcements

2.      Have fun and make friends

3.     10 weeks and horserace or free play day
        *  wrapped sandwiches
        *  warm up balls available

4.     Pre-pay for Fall League to guarantee your spot.....Fall trimester starts Aug 17th for Tuesday Night and Aug 24th for Thursday



Tuesday Night League
Spring Trimester

Bird in Hand 8-1-1-----25
Killer Bees 6-1-3-----21
Grovers 6-2-2-----20

Top 3 to 2nd hole
4:45 Horserace
Sharp Shooters 6-0-2-----20
All in the Hips 6-1-1-----19
Brink & Drive 6-1-1-----19
Maui Girls 5-2-3-----18
Wedgies 6-3--------18
Blarney Men 5-4-1------16
Team Aspen 5-3--------15
Dos Bendejos 5-4--------15
Other Guys 4-3-3-----15

Top 10 make Horserace
Ties broken by putt off

4:30 Putt Off
TNT 4-4-2-----14
Wine Ohs 4-4-2-----14
Connollys 4-4-2-----14
Steel Curtain 4-4-2-----14
Baby Baby 4-1-2-----14
Le Marchisini 4-6---------12
Trumbles 3-4-3------12
Tools of Love 3-5-2------11
Hand Man 3-4-1------10
Da Raiders 3-6-1------10
Gradys 2-4-4------10
Full Nelson 3-3----------9
Baldacci Brothers 3-6----------9
Thelma & Louise 3-7----------9
Flipping Nickels 2-5-2-------8
Forbes Rischest 2-7-1-------7
Cap Grohs 1-8-1-------4
Regatsa Bella 1-7----------3

Tenth Week  Results
Trumbles     halved   Tools of Love    
Killer Bees    beat      Grovers    
Dos Bendejos    beat     Other Guys    
Le Marchisini    beat     Team Aspen    
Gradys     beat      Regatsa Bella    
Connollys    beat    Da Raiders       
Sharp Shooters   beat    TNT    
Baldacci Brothers  beat   Cap Grohs    
Bird in Hand    beat     Wedgies    
Blarney Men   beat    Maui Girls    
Handman    beat    Thelma & Louise     
Brink & Drive  beat   Wine Ohs    
Cart Kids   beat   Forbes Rischest    
Steel Curtain    halved    Baby Baby    

Thursday Night 
Spring Standings

Nut Crushers 7-1
Tee it Up 6-0-2
Koens 6-2
Frankly Good 5-2-1
Meat 5-2-1
Tres Generaciones 5-2
Kathys Porsche 5-3
TLC 5-3
Pyle of Putz 4-3-1
Hacking Hobos 4-3-1
Wedgies 4-3-1
Red Machine 4-4-1
Roid Rage 4-3
Narasky/Conent 4-4
Morris Sharks 3-2-2
Greyhounds 3-2-1
Tiger Kings 3-3-1
Motley Crew 3-3
Sweetarts 3-4
Gourleys 3-5
Dan Da Man *2-4-1
Juiced In 2-5-1
Robinson Crusoe 2-5
Par then Bar 2-6
At the Altar 2-6
Bigge Smalls *1-3-1
Salt & Pepper 1-4-1
Inglorious Bass Stars 1-5-1
S & S 0-3-1
Gall in the Family 0-2
Hunters 0-2

Eighth Week Results

Grovers    beat     Gourleys  
Tee it Up    halved     Red Machine  
Roid Rage   beat    Robinson Crusoe  
Meat    halved    Hacking Hobos  
TLC     beat     S & S          
Morris Sharks    halved    Greyhounds  
Sweetarts     beat     Salt & Pepper     
Tres Generaciones    beat     Frankly Good  
Wedgies    beat    Narasky/Conent  
Koens   beat   Tiger Kings        
Dan Da Man    vs    Biggee Small    no card  
Nut Crushers   beat   Pyle of Putz  
Kathys Porsche   beat   Juiced In   
At the Altar    beat    Motley Crew  
Brink & Drive    beat    Par then Bar