Tuesday Night League 

Team Aspen 5-0-1----16
Trumbles 5-1-1----16
Baby Baby 5-2-------15
Up the Hill 5-2-------15

Top 3 and ties
go to 2nd hole
3 matches left
Chip N Putz 4-1-2-----14
TNT 4-1-2-----14
Team Shed 4-1-1-----13
Sauce In 4-3--------12
Golf Bums 4-3--------12
Moore Strokes 4-3--------12

Top 10 and ties
make horserace
3 matches left
Brian's Song 3-0-2------11
Back from Dead 3-1-2------11
M & M's 3-2-2------11
Wardogs 3-2-2------11
Grumpy & Dopey 3-2-1------10
Dirty Ones 3-3-1------10
Power Couple 3-3-1------10
Wine Ohs 3-4---------9
Blarney Men 3-4---------9
Players 3-4---------9
Ball Washers 2-1-1-------7
My Buddy 2-2-1-------7
Safe Ride 2-2-1-------7
Bone N Soup 2-3-1-------7
Chix with Trix 2-4-1-------7
Bird In Hand 2-4-1-------7
Snakes In Grass 2-4-1-------7
Maui Girls 2-4---------6
In the Thirties 2-4---------6
Double 0's 1-5-1-------4
Front Lip 1-2---------3
Teez 1-3---------3
Adam Bomb 1-6---------3
Barefoot Bandits 0-6---------0


Seventh Week Results
TNT beat Power Couple
Players beat Wine Ohs
Wardog beat Blarney  Men
Front Lip beat Sauc In
Team Aspen beat Baby Baby
Trumbles beat Maui Girls
Up the Hill beat Bird in Hand
Team Shed beat Snakes in Grass
Chix with Styx beat Dirty Ones
Grumpy & Dopey halved M & M's
Moore Strokes beat My Buddy
Chips n Putz beat Teez
Back from Dead beat Double O's
Bone n Soup beat Double O's
Golf Bums beat Adam Bomb



Thursday Night League
Spring Trimester

Wing & Prayer 5-0-2------17
Juiced In 5-1-1------16
Frick & Frack 5-0---------15

Top 3 and ties
go to 2nd hole
3 matches left
Morris Sharks 5-2---------15
Koens 4-1-2------14
S & S 4-2-1------13
Go Go's 4-2-1------13
Sweethearts 4-3---------12
Balls Out 4-3---------12
Young Trum 4-3---------12
Single Malt 4-3---------12

Top 10 and ties
make horserace
3 matches left
Sam I Am 3-2-2-------11
Back n Black 3-2-2-------11
Light it Up 3-1-1-------10
Chip it In 3-3-1-------10
Rotten Robbie 3-3-1-------10
Ball Bangers 3-4----------9
Sandy Pockets 3-4----------9
Telle Brothers 2-2-2--------8
Fishmen 2-4-1--------7
Tee it Up 2-2-----------6
Whak Pak 2-3-----------6
Greyhounds 2-3-----------6
Napa Smith 1-3-3--------6
Two Putz 1-4-2--------5
G & G 1-1-1--------4
Roid Rage 1-5-1--------1
Big Wood 1-4-1--------4
Kathys Porsche 1-3----------3
Stan Da Man 0-1-1--------1
Amazing Ladies 0-3-1--------1
City of Troy 0-5-1--------4
Grab Da Horns 0-6-1--------1
Strongarmed 0-1----------0

 Seventh Week Results

Go Go's beat Light it Up
Koens beat Balls Out
Young Trum beat Stan da Man
Juiced In beat S & S
Back n Black beat Amazing Ladies
Fishmen beat Grab da Horns
Two Putz halved Napa Smith
Sam I Am halved Wing & Prayer
Morris Sharks beat Sweethearts
Greyhounds beat Whak Pak
Sandy Pockets beat Chip it In
Big Wood beat Telle Brothers
Rotten Robbie beat Telle Brothers
Single Malt beat Ball Bangers
City of Troy beat Roid Rage