1.      Sign ups Sat Feb 25th....Pay on-line
2.     4:45 pm group and hole announcements

3.      Have fun and make friends

4.     10 weeks and horserace or free play day


Tuesday Night League
Spring Trimester

Biggee Smalls 3-1
SBE 3-1
Blarney Men 3-1
Dos Bendejos 3-1
Bird in Hand 2-0-2
AKA Texas 2-0-1
Pyle of Putz 2-1-1
Kaunas 2-1-1
Baldacci Brothers 2-1-1
TNT 2-1
Boyle Rules 2-1
Final Final 2-2
Old n Way 2-2
Sharp Shooters 2-2
Le Marchisini's 2-2
Nathan's Dogs 2-2
Rollin J's 1-1-2
Visibly Fading 1-1-2
Wedgies 1-1-1
Brink & Drive 1-1-1
-Double D's 1-2-1
Grovers 1-2
Putter Face 1-3
Swinging Baquettes 1-3
Team Aspen 0-2-1
Club Love 0-3-1
Mad Dad 0-3
Hopper Creek 0-4

Spring Week #4  League Results
AKA Texas   halved   Double D's    
Dos Bendejos   beat   Hopper Creek    
Blarney Men  beat   Final Final    
Le Marchisini   beat   Sharp Shooters    
Rollin J's    beat    Putter Face    
Baldacci Brothers   beat   Swinging Baquettes    
Bird in Hand   halved   Team Aspen    
Brink & Drive   beat   Biggee Smalls    
Grovers    beat     Wedgies    
SBE    beat     TNT    
Nathan's Dogs   beat    Visibly Fading    
Club Love   halved    Pyle of Putz    
Kaunas    beat    Old n Way    

Thursday Night League 
Spring League

Dub Nation 5-1-1
Newlyweds 4-0-3
Wedgies 4-1-2
Nut Crushers 4-1-2
Team 55 4-2-1
Around Da Horne 4-2-1
Baker Girls 4-2
Neighbors 4-3
Juiced in 4-3
Neighbors 4-3
Maui Girls 3-1-3
Trumbles 3-1-3
Dos Patos 3-1-3
Hot Shots 3-2-2
Balls to Walls 3-3-1
Whistling Pigs 2-0-4
Greyhounds 3-4
Motley Crew 2-2-2
Frankly Good 2-2-2
Sweetarts 2-3-2
Red Machine 2-3-2
Los Guapos 2-4-1
Steveie Ray 1-4-1
Newbies 1-0
Fun Girls 1-3
Dinkwads 1-4
Primos Unites 1-5
Cosmos 1-5
Par then Bar 0-5-1
Dream of Genie 0-6
Spring Week #7 Results
Whistling Pigs    halved    Trumbles  
Team 55  beat    Stevie Ray  
Dub Nation   halved   Newlyweds  
Hot Shots   beat  Balls to Walls  
Nut Crushers   halved  Wedgies  
Juiced In   beat   Motley Crew  
Maui Girls  halved   Los Guapos  
K's Porsche    beat    Cosmos  
Baker Girls   beat    Primos United  
Dos Patos    beat    Neighbors  
Frankly Good    beat   Dinkwads  
Red Machine   beat  Dream of Genis  
Greyhounds   beat    Par then Bar  
Around Horne   halved    Sweetarts